Softalk Apple Is First Collection at Internet Archive with FactMiners' MAGAZINE Ground Truth Storage Metadata

FactMiners and The Softalk Apple Project are excited to announce that The Softalk Apple Project's digital collection of the Apple edition of Softalk magazine is now included in both "The Computer Magazine Archives" and "Magazine Rack" collections at the Internet Archive. Our projects also were granted full admin rights to the Softalk Apple collection at the Archive in support of our applied research.

FactMiners & PRImA Partner on Knight News Challenge Entry

FactMiners is immensely pleased to announce our collaborative entry in the current "Data Edition" of the Knight News Challenge. With encouragement of our the Internet Archive, we have proposed an innovative idea and project implementation to partner with PRImA, the Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis Research Center to "Turn Text Soup into Smart Data in Newspaper & Magazine Archives".

FactMiners & Softalk Apple Project to Host Global Collaboration Day Event!

Psssst.... this is just a quick heads-up ahead of the official announcement forthcoming...

FactMiners & The Softalk Apple Project are pleased to announce that we will host a Global Collaboration Day Event "all day" on September 17th.! :-)

Details of our event will be forthcoming and announced here as an update to this announcement. Time is short, so we're in crunch mode to be ready for this fun event.

PRImA's Aletheia - Ground Truth & Softalk Magazine

Although most folks are now happy with full access to the complete run of the Apple edition of Softalk magazine now that Timlynn​ and I have funded its "ingestion" into the Internet Archive, the Softalk Apple Project is far from over. In fact, getting the collection into the Archive was just step one -- the Citizen History aspect of our projects.

Transkribus & Crowdsourcing

I have contributed a 6-part series of short articles to a new FactMiners' Musings publication on Medium about my discovery and exploration of the wonderful Transkribus applied researchers at the University of Innsbruck and their amazing Big Vision for the TRP, the Transkribus Recognition Platform.

In addition to a basic introduction to these folks and their research, in the last piece in the series I frame their crowdsourcing transcription platform that supports historical handwritten document recognition (the hardest kind of OCR) as a Social Machine. Social Machines can be envisioned as part of an Entrepreneurial Community Ecosystem and should be explored as among the incubators for what "human work" will look like in the 21st Century.

My 1st Post to the #cidocCRM SIG Mailing List

Today I felt bold or desperate enough -- actually some of both -- to prod a bit for a reply to a request for advice from a couple of my mentors in my #cidocCRM/#TEI Personal Learning Network. If you are successful developing a really good #PLNet (might as well mint a hashtag for on-going use), your loose group of mentors will, by definition, be EXTREMELY busy beyond your imagining, and the best won't suffer fools lightly. So evolving your #PLNet is always a balancing act.

FactMiners' Fact Cloud and Witmore's Text as Massively Addressable Object

I've just published a long-read, Deep Weedsy piece on entitled: "FactMiners' Fact Cloud and Witmore's Text as Massively Addressable Object". I welcome your reading and especially comments and questions.

My purpose in writing this article is two-fold:

  • As a backgrounder/profile -- a 'manifesto' of sorts -- that I hope Robert Miller of the Internet Archive will have a chance to read before we meet next week at #DPLAfest.